History of the TIV
Akiga Sai

Category: Non Fiction / Essays

Year of Publication: 2016

376 pages

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About the Book

'This book accomplishes the vision of the Tiv forefathers who cared about Tiv history.

 Therefore, you, my Tiv brothers of this new generation that can read, read this history and tell it to others who cannot; of the things of our ancestors; so that whether they are literate or not, at least they will be able to know something about our forbears who have gone on before us. Further, do you, however great your knowledge may be, remember you are a Tiv. Remain a Tiv! Know the things of Tiv, for therein lies your pride.  Let us lift ourselves up. As the old mushroom rots, another springs up in its place, that is why the mushroom, lives on.' (Akiga Sai: 1935)

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